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Built by artists, for artists.

Offering a physical ad space in a retail environment to help extend the reach of artists. Sell your merch, art, concert tickets, and even your own clothing brand through our physical and online store. We will also be offering name brand clothing, acoustic sets, and the ideal place to come hang up your flyers and promote your upcoming events. In today’s age, artists are expected to do way more than just be creative. There’s no support for up and coming bands like there used to be. We want to be part of the movement that helps push new bands to achieve success in the modern music industry. We want to help people be able to follow their dreams and make them a reality. We cater to local, regional and international artists in order to help them any way we can in a retail and online space as well as a pop up shop for local shows and rummage sales. Right now we have a few Merch Shop items up for sale on our website to help alleviate some of the costs and while we search for the perfect store front. Please be sure to follow us on instagram and sign up for our newsletter to come along with us on this journey!

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