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Ethan Massey

Ethan has been in the music and printing industry for over 12 years.

From being the guitarist for the rock n rollcore band Dispositions, putting on shows all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area as a promoter, running his own venue for a brief period, and printing shirts professionally for his clothing line, Divine Omen and other print shops in the area for nearly 10 years.

Ethan has touched on almost every aspect of the music and merch world.

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Andrew Hunter

Andrew is the "jack of all trades." In recent years he's been building his portfolio in business and consulting. He provides a unique and insightful business prospective for The Merch Shop. He also has been in and around the music industry for 10+ years, from selling merch at shows to an active tour manager. With a life long dream of having a clothing brand of his own to opening a shop, he wants to help and inspire others with like minded dreams.

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